About Me

About Me

The crazy mastermind behind all this steampunk fantasy art

Sandra Chang-Adair

Sandra loves art, kung fu, tai chi, fencing and dogs.

Sandra Chang-Adair is a self-taught artist that is passionate about delineating the beauty of the human form. She embraces fantasy, steampunk and eroticism in her paintings. Her characters are depicted as fairies, mermaids, knights, heroines and mythical characters in the steampunk genre. She loves interjecting subtle humor in her vignettes (often sneaking in her beloved dogs). Her medium of choice is digital, drawing from scratch and using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. She loves Manga Studio Pro for her comic book work. She also loves oils, acrylics and watercolors.

Sandra counts among her influences the Pre-Rapahelite Artists: John William Waterhouse, John Everett Millais; Fantasy Illustrators: Boris Vallejo, Rowena and Frank Frazetta; Japanese Fantasy Artists: Yoshitaka Amano, Masamune Shirow; Comic Book Artists: Wendy Pini, Frank Miller and George Perez; as well as many others. Sandra is a HUGE fan of Michael Jackson. She is inspired by the books of Alexandre Dumas and Ayn Rand. Sandra loves sci-fi, fantasy and martial arts films.

Besides drawing and painting, Sandra has been practicing martial arts since 1994. She has a second degree blackbelt in Budoshin Ju Jitsu, a blacksash in Northern Eagle Claw, certificates in Traditional Kung Fu and Traditional Kung Fu Weapons from Beijing Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Academy in Santa Monica. She is currently studying kung fu and taichi at Shaolin Taichi Cultural Center in Henderson with a 33rd generation Shaolin Monk. Sandra is also learning Epee Fencing at Red Rock Fencing Center. Sandra lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Dustin Adair, a mobile app game developer and two dogs, a sheltie named Ripley and Freckles the Australian Shepherd Mix.

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Photo Gallery

  • Sandra and her husband, Dustin

  • Mord'Sith Mistress Sandy

  • King's Musketeer Sandra

Art Services

Sandra is available for freelance work and commissions.

  • Paintings

    Book Covers, magazine illustrations, etc. Artwork done in Photoshop. Final art will be delivered as a digital file. A final print can shipped.

    Price : $400-$700
  • CCG Card Art

    Simple one figure art or object for gaming cards. Artwork done in Photoshop and delivered as digital file.

    Price : $200-$400
  • Black and White Ilustrations

    Artwork done in Manga Studio Pro, delivered as a digital file.

    Price : $150-$275
  • Oil Paintings

    Artwork will be painted on canvas/gessoed board and will be shipped to client.

    Price : $500+

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